The Venice Chorale with the Venice Symphony, December 2016

About The Venice Chorale

The Venice Chorale was formed in March of 2002 as Exsultate!. The concert choir began with over 60 auditioned singers and has grown to twice the size over the past few years under the direction of Steve Johns, who came on board in 2010 and directed the choir and its chamber choir Jubilate! as well as oversaw the Apprentice Program until the end of the 2014-15 season. Peter Madpak is now Artistic Director, with Mary Jeanne Moorman as our Accompanist.

The Venice Chorale's mission is to serve a regional audience by promoting the art of choral singing through vocal excellence and multi-generational education.  Supporting chorale performance in the public schools has been part of our mission from the outset. The Apprentice Program, "Seniors Mentoring Juniors," was instituted in Exsultate’s first season. Five students are chosen for the program each season. The program has benefitted dozens of students, many of whom have continued their music studies and work as musicians and teachers and many of whom have continued to sing in chorales and churches in places where their lives have taken them.

We extended our outreach to young musicians by establishing the Youth Chorus in the 2013-14 season. 25-30 students from grades 4th-8th participate and perform in each of the three performances of the season. Kathleen Crane, who teaches chorus at Venice Middle School, is the director of the Youth Chorus.

The Mayor of Venice designated Exsultate! as the Chorale of Venice a decade ago. Since then, our organization has expanded beyond the concert choir to include the chamber and youth choirs as well as the apprentice program, and we have become the resident chorale of the Venice Performing Arts Center. We have developed working partnerships with the Venice Symphony and the Venice Concert Band, providing the opportunity to broaden our audience and spread the love of song and the joy of singing to more and more people in the Venice region. The Venice Chorale looks forward to continuing for many years to come!