Venice Chorale Leadership

Leadership Team

The Venice Chorale Board of Directors

As a non-profit artistic organization, we depend on our community for our support.  We are fortunate to have members of the business sector who are willing to donate their time to the furtherance of arts in the Venice area.

Members of the Board of Directors of The Venice Chorale:

Ket Weist, president
David Cron, secretary
Tom Davis, treasurer
John Haseltine, director of development
Susan Stewart, cmc oversite
Ki Hassler, member at large
Chestina Marquart, chorale representative
Jean Trammell, president emeritus
Peter Madpak, artistic director

The Venice Chorale Concert Management Committee

All organizations depend upon members of the group who are willing to donate their time in order for the entire group to function well.  Our concert management committee is the executive arm of the group, the members who deal with opportunities in the future as well as necessities of the moment.

Members of the Concert Management Committee:

Chestina Marquart, chairperson
Thomas C. Davis, treasurer
Nan Stortz, secretary
Nancy DiSisto, membership
Sheila Bowers, fund-raising
Jan Hoppe, grant writing
Ruth Packing, program
Mary Egbertson, program
Karen Griffin, marketing & public relations
Annette Ballou, marketing & public relations
Janet Roberts, librarian

Susan Stewart, board representative
Peter Madpak, artistic director

Sectional Leaders

Sectional leaders are important to our singers. They make sure our singers are well informed and get what they need to perform at their best. They also provide an avenue of communication for the performers to the rest of the chorale's leadership.

Sectional Leaders for The Venice Chorale:

Soprano: Dagmar Mclaughlin
Alto: Nancy DiSisto
Tenor: Joel Morrison
Bass/Baritone: OPEN
Apprentice Liaison: Rhodora Marshall